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Products::Shilen MicroJacket Bench Rest Bullets

An article appearing in the January, 1996 issue of Precision Shooting Magazine touched off an uproar in the benchrest community. The article announced that for the first time in history a custom bulletmaker had begun making its own jackets. That bulletmaker, Precision Shooting further reported, is Shilen, and the jackets are called MicroJackets.

Why did this news cause a stir among readers of the International Benchrest Shooters Association's official journal? Ever since bulletmaking began, the difficulty of obtaining good jackets has been recognized as the greatest obstacle to swaging accurate bullets. And without accurate bullets, benchrest competitors become extremely irritable.

Before we began making our own jackets, Shilen, like any other custom bulletmaker, obtained jackets from the usual sources. Problem is, production jackets often exhibit thickness variations of a disastrous .0005" to .0008". In contrast, Shilen MicroJackets are held to .0003" maximum variations, with an average uniformity of .0001" to .0002". Why is this important? Thick and thin areas in a jacket cause bullet imbalance, much like an out-of-balance tire. The bottom line is this: making our own jackets has finally given us total quality control over every aspect of the bulletmaking process.

Are these remarkable bullets jealously reserved for benchrest competition? Absolutely now. Varmint hunters are finding that genuine benchrest bullets are the very best choice for vermin.

When you're ready to see what the world's most precisely made bullets can do for your rifle, give Shilen MicroJacket Bench Rest Bullets a shot.

Available in:
• 22 caliber, 52-grain flat base
• 6mm caliber, 65-grain flat base

For cost per box of 100, please see our Price list.